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Market Investment

SEBI Regn No : INH300003439

AMFI Regn No : 120148

Foundation Program on Stock Investing


        Course Content :

                 Introduction to equity market

                 Why and how to invest in equity market

                 Risks and risk management of equity investment

                 Professional approach to investing in equity

                 Tax implications on equity investments

                 Buying and Selling decisions


         Duration : 2 full day training sessions

         Fee        : Rs 5000 + service tax


Structured Training Program



Our customized training program enables the participants to be self-sufficient and make himself/herself competent in stock market learnings through our well researched and developed training courses.

Course Modules


Beginners Program on Futures and Options (F&O)


        Course Content :

                 Introduction to Derivaties

                 Properties and applications of Futures

                 Introduction to Options

                 Trading strategies

                 Market indicators & interpretations


         Duration : 2 full day training sessions

         Fee        : Rs 5000 + service tax


Course on Technical Analysis


        Course Content :

                 Basics of Technical Analysis

                 Charts and their interpretation

                 Trend lines and Chart Patterns

                 Key supporting tools & indicators


         Duration : 2 full day training sessions

         Fee        : Rs 8000 + service tax


Advanced Derivative Strategies


        Course Content :

                 Basics revisited

                 Option Greeks

                 Market Indicators and Interpretations

                 Derivatives Trading Strategies

                 Real Market Case Studies


         Duration : 2 full day training sessions

         Fee        : Rs 10000 + service tax


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