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Market Investment

SEBI Regn No : INH300003439

AMFI Regn No : 120148

“What is the fee I need to pay for your services? What is the assurance that your offerings will provide me positive returns on my investments?”   

These are few of the questions that come to the mind of the people when it comes to subscription of a service. Well, these are pretty valid apprehensions and justified as well. And we do respect those. Keeping in mind the interest of retail investors, we have developed innovative pricing strategy for our paid members. And we try to keep it simple and hassle free for our members.  We do follow the motto NGNP (i.e. No Gain, No Pain) strategy in most of our transactions. If we cannot generate profit for our customers, we do not charge a single penny from our customer. And in case of a profit, we do charge a nominal amount linked to our performance. It’s imperative, that  it’s in our own interest that our team works harder and better to maximise the profit for our customers.  We have different pricing models for our different products and services.

Pricing Psychology
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